Spotlight on—Gender Performativity in Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs

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There are traces in all of them of appropriation and pastiche, irony, as well as a reworking of history with social constructionism very much in mind. Definitively breaking with older humanist approaches and the films and tapes that accompanied identity politics, these works are irreverent, energetic, alternately minimalist and excessive. Above all, they’re full of […]


Spotlight on—Lance Henriksen in John Woo’s Hard Target

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Lance Henriksen has been making, on average, three and a half movies a year for fifty years. He’s a true workingman’s actor, and the sheer diversity of material that people have written about for this blogathon attests to that fact. Even more so than most beloved character actors, Lance has absolutely no fear of a bad script. Most […]


Spotlight on—Leo Tover

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In my last post for the Film Noir Foundation Blogathon‘s Fundraiser. I wanted to spotlight the excellent cinematography of Leo Tover. He’s somewhat of an underrated Noir veteran, having filmed several minor classics like Dead Reckoning, I Walk Alone, and The Woman on the Beach. Today though, I’m going to look at his work in two […]

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Criss Cross – Robert Siodmak – 1949

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For the Film Noir Foundation Blogathon I decided to repost this earlier article in the hopes of garnering some more donation money for their worthy cause. Please click on the donation link at the bottom and give generously if you liked the article. I was rather nonplussed with Robert Siodmak’s seminal film The Killers. The opening, […]


Nightmare Alley—Edmund Goulding—1947

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Nightmare Alley is an unrelenting Noir. Its surrealistic atmosphere keeps building in the first two acts, and by the last third you’ve entered a dreamscape where sounds, words, and images can’t be trusted. It’s a tender film too. It forces the audience into a troubling sympathy with a genuinely sociopathic character and paints humanity as capable of both tragic […]