It was a very good year

It’s been a little over a year since I started Randomaniac, and an eventful year it was. I participated in a few blogathons, I attended the Little Rock Film Festival, and published 42 articles. I even wrote a couple articles on Video Games. I didn’t write as often as I would’ve liked though, and you can’t count on more articles this year than last.


Things fall apart. This year Randomaniac will be loosier, goosier, and less obtus-ier. I’m throwing the old format out the window: no more “Desert Island” vs. “Now Playing” articles, no more insistence on on elevated article topics—this means “best of” lists are in and articles about just one scene, and most importantly a friendlier tone overall. There may even be some posts directly addressed to you, my readers!

Meet the new boss—Same as the old boss

This doesn’t mean that I’m gonna slum it up and just review movies. Evaluation may or may not become a bigger part of Randomaniac, but analysis—and a wee bit o’ Theory—will always be my game. The difference is that I won’t insist on full film essays. Taking the lead from posts like Methods of Montage in Brian Depalma’s Blow Out, I’ll write about individual essays/articles I encounter in my studies, I’ll write about new concepts I’m exploring (continuity editing, Russian Formalism, reader-response theory), new theorists I’m reading (Bordwell, Jameson), and finally, of course, I’ll still do full analyses of films—in an attempt to master different critical approaches, like

  • Formalist
  • Psychoanalytic
  • Spatial
  • Archetypal
  • Linguistic

“Love, hate, violence, action, death…in a word, emotion”—Sam Fuller on Film

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope to see your comments soon, here on Randomaniac!

A word on the blog’s design

My wife is an incredible artist, and she did all of the graphic design for my site. Without her support—both emotionally and technically—this blog would never have happened. I love you, Stitch.