Mise-en-scene & Concentrated Exposition in John Huston’s
In This Our Life

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1942’s In This Our Life has become a footnote in John Huston‘s esteemed filmography. Coming after the knock-down drag-out success of his first film, The Maltese Falcon—its powerful, and historically unusual, portrayal of institutional racism is electrifying, but it is this subplot alone that garners any and all critical affection the film receives. This last, as a matter of fact, […]


Jess + Moss—Clay Jeter—2011

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And now for something completely different Jess + Moss was definitely the quirkiest selection I saw at the Little Rock Film Festival this year, but unlike a lot of other contemporary films with quirk, it had heart to back it up. It was as moving as Happy New Year, but for no damn good (sociopolitical) […]

Staff Sgt. Cole Lewis (Michael Cuomo)

Happy New Year—K. Lorrel Manning—2011

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Little Rock’s Fifth Annual Film Festival I recently attended the burgeoning Little Rock Film Festival in Little Rock, AR. While the event itself was exciting, and there were a number of good movies, one film stood out immediately as a highlight of both the festival and the year. K. Lorrel Manning’s Happy New Year is […]