Escape from New York—John Carpenter—1981

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Escape from New York has never been taken very seriously. Its main character, Snake Plissken, is a cult icon of both sincere reverence and high camp, and as such he’s a figure of immutable ambiguity. Much of the film’s limited critical praise falls on its dour black humor which seems largely self-parodic by 2011 standards regardless of Carpenter’s […]


Creature from the Black Lagoon – Jack Arnold – 1954

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This film feels like two different movies stitched together and brought back to life. The underwater photography, done by James Havens, is beautiful. Lilting, dream like camera movements, with a strange eye that paints the water as a completely different world from the surface. Bubbles, oblique shadows, and balletic physical action blend to create a […]

Zardoz—John Boorman—1974

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Go Forth and KILL!!! Zardoz is a beautiful, slowly-paced, and highly philosophical Sci-Fantasy with Sean Connery in one of his most enigmatic roles. Directed by John Boorman after the breakout success of Deliverance, the movie features some startling sci fi imagery courtesy of Geoffrey Unsworth (who also worked on 2001 back in ’68) and beautiful […]