Spotlight on—Gender Performativity in Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs

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There are traces in all of them of appropriation and pastiche, irony, as well as a reworking of history with social constructionism very much in mind. Definitively breaking with older humanist approaches and the films and tapes that accompanied identity politics, these works are irreverent, energetic, alternately minimalist and excessive. Above all, they’re full of […]


Spotlight on—Methods of Montage in Brian De Palma’s Blow Out

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“Cinema is Montage.”—Sergei Eisenstein While cinema was still only a toddler in the artworld, Sergei Eisenstein wrote several essays on his seminal theoretical concern: Montage Theory, and while he wasn’t the first to write about montage—Kuleshov had demonstrated his “effect” by at least 1921 and Pudovkin wrote about it in the mid-20s—Eisenstein’s definition of montage as […]


Spotlight on—the Gears of War III Beta

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Now that the Gears of War III beta test run has ended, I wanted to turn in a new direction here at Randomaniac—video games, of course. Throughout human history, games of all types have held great artistic value—take chess: the concept, stratagems, and primitive narrative all merge with each unique piece/board design to create what can […]