Spotlight on—Methods of Montage in Brian De Palma’s Blow Out

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“Cinema is Montage.”—Sergei Eisenstein While cinema was still only a toddler in the artworld, Sergei Eisenstein wrote several essays on his seminal theoretical concern: Montage Theory, and while he wasn’t the first to write about montage—Kuleshov had demonstrated his “effect” by at least 1921 and Pudovkin wrote about it in the mid-20s—Eisenstein’s definition of montage as […]


Escape from New York—John Carpenter—1981

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Escape from New York has never been taken very seriously. Its main character, Snake Plissken, is a cult icon of both sincere reverence and high camp, and as such he’s a figure of immutable ambiguity. Much of the film’s limited critical praise falls on its dour black humor which seems largely self-parodic by 2011 standards regardless of Carpenter’s […]

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My Dinner With Andre
Louis Malle—1981

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Wake up and smell the coffee One of the most painful parts of “being” a film critic—of indulging in my personal passion and hobby—is that in many ways its merely a performance. I act like I understand what all these things mean, but I’m usually improvising and just trying to check my facts later. The […]