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Mystery & Suspense in The Lodger

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[youtube][/youtube] You can only get the Suspense element going by giving the audience information.—Alfred Hitchcock Suspense, Hitch always insisted, was fundamentally different from Mystery. Because the press so often mislabeled his movies as Mysteries, he took more than one occasion to get specific about the difference. The most famous of these was in an interview […]

Spies can become invisible, disguise themselves as the enemy, and destroy an Engineer's buildings. It always feels like John Carpenter's 'The Thing' when you realize that one of your "teammates" is trying to literally stab you in the back.

Team Fortress 2—Valve Corporation—2007

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The bulk of my playing experience has been on the XBOX 360—the system of Team Fortress 2‘s origin. However, the screenshots in this article are primarily culled from the Mac version (on Steam). I only took pictures of levels/characters that are included in The Orange Box, and the only noticeable difference is the “press F5 to save this […]


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes—Howard Hawks—1953

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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is the ultimate American Phantasy, but beneath its glittering skin is an abyss with no bottom. Howard Hawks directs it like a wicked National Geographic Special on human mating habits in late Capitalist society, with Monroe and Russell stalking their respective prey on a colorful veldt of Greek prints, eye-popping gowns, and […]