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Criss Cross – Robert Siodmak – 1949

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For the Film Noir Foundation Blogathon I decided to repost this earlier article in the hopes of garnering some more donation money for their worthy cause. Please click on the donation link at the bottom and give generously if you liked the article. I was rather nonplussed with Robert Siodmak’s seminal film The Killers. The opening, […]


Niagara – Henry Hathaway – 1953

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Niagra is a TechniColor Noir that tells the story of two couples who have a chance encounter at a Niagara Falls motel. Marilyn Monroe and Joseph Cotten are Rose and George Loomis—he, an older neurotic veteran, and she, a young nymphomaniac. Jean Peters and Max Showalter are Polly and Ray Cutler enjoying their second honeymoon. The […]


Stray Dog – Akira Kurosawa – 1949

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All Films Noir were imbued with an Existential Angst that had been intensified by World War II and the inability for the U.S. to live up to all of the optimism that crushing the Axis powers had generated at home. However the style had an earlier origin in Pre War Germany with the Expressionism of […]


Creature from the Black Lagoon – Jack Arnold – 1954

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This film feels like two different movies stitched together and brought back to life. The underwater photography, done by James Havens, is beautiful. Lilting, dream like camera movements, with a strange eye that paints the water as a completely different world from the surface. Bubbles, oblique shadows, and balletic physical action blend to create a […]